Door & Floor

I completed hung the door.   I also cut and stained the floor for the coop and got that installed.  Finally, my hardware cloth arrived today.  Now that I have that over the windows of the hen house, I can board up the walls of the house.

img_0410   img_0412

Windows & Doors Framed

Today I had to buy some more 2″x4″s    With the new wood, I framed up the 2 windows for the coop as well as the door.   It’s impossible to find a straight 2″x4″.  Before hanging the door, I have to plan one side of it straight so it will properly fit and open.   After that, it will be time to board up the coop and install the hardware cloth.

 img_0406      img_0407      img_0408 


Nest Boxes

Today I had some time and was able to frame up the nest boxes.   I plan to hing the top for daily egg retrieval.  The vertical wall will also be hinged for easy cleaning of the nest boxes.

img_0394    img_0395

The roof rafters are trimmed and  installed also.

img_0398    img_0399

The Chicken Coop

I spent a lot of time looking at various chicken coops and finally found one design which I think will work well in the tiny yard we have here.  The design is called the Garden Coop, and they sell plans for a reasonable price on their site –    Because I was still trying to convince myself to take the plunge, I didn’t order plans but drew up my own plans based on lots of pictures of other completed coops.  This gave me time to run through the whole project in my mind until I was finally convinced it was a good idea.  My final design has several modifications from the original garden coop design, but that is what is so great about the garden coop; it lends itself to modification.

Not being even close to sane when it comes to things like this, I had to expand on the project and move from our tiny little tomato garden and add an aquaponics system.  If you are not familiar with aquaponics, it is a combination of hydroponics (plant growing in water not soil), and aquaculture (fish farming).   By combining the two, you essentially create a sort of closed ecosystem where the fish feed the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish.  If you are really good, the plants will also feed the fish.   In my case, I am hoping for the plants to do well enough to feed our family.

Here is a drawing of what I hope it will look like when I am finished.

I picked up the lumber last week and have had less than an hour of time to work on the build.    I have managed to cut the studs for the coop to length and box up 2 sides.   Today, I hope to complete all sides and erect the coop walls.



Finally completed and ready to fly!  Have a look.

Fly fishing Strawberry

I’ve always loved to fish, especially when I can relax in a float tube.   For years, I have stuck with my cheapO collapsible ultra-light pack rods.  But this past year, my friends convinced me it was time to get a fly rod.   Strawberry was the second trip for this rod.   I had used it a month earlier on a day trip to Nesbit and had a blast with it catching crapi and bluegill.

My buddies Don and Trevis and I met some others up there and spent 3 days enjoying beautiful Utah outdoors.   We stayed with my friend David and his family in their home in Woodland and enjoyed their wonderful hospitality, hot showers, good sleeping, but most of all, time visiting with friends and home cooked meals.

On the drive home, we were site seeing in the beautiful mountains, enjoying all the fall colors, when we came upon a large flock of sheep.   We had to stop and get some pictures of it all.