Almost Done!

It was a long day but I got lots done!   I finished the hen house, framed the windows, cabled up the pop door, and painted almost all the green trim pieces.   I just need to get the roof on and put up some roosts and I’ll be done and ready to move on to the aquaponics garden.   I should have the entire coop completed just in time for our pullets arrival Friday.                      … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Hardware Cloth added

Saturday was cold and rainy.   Even so, I spent time outside and added all the hardware cloth to the coop.  I also got tow and a half sides of the house boarded up.   I’m very close to done now.  Chicks are ordered and should arrive in about 2 weeks.  I’ve got feed, heat lamps…all the fixings for a brooder to keep them happy when they arrive.                  … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Windows & Doors Framed

Today I had to buy some more 2″x4″s    With the new wood, I framed up the 2 windows for the coop as well as the door.   It’s impossible to find a straight 2″x4″.  Before hanging the door, I have to plan one side of it straight so it will properly fit and open.   After that, it will be time to board up the coop and install the hardware cloth.                  … [CLICK TO READ MORE]