Fly fishing Strawberry

I’ve always loved to fish, especially when I can relax in a float tube.   For years, I have stuck with my cheapO collapsible ultra-light pack rods.  But this past year, my friends convinced me it was time to get a fly rod.   Strawberry was the second trip for this rod.   I had used it a month earlier on a day trip to Nesbit and had a blast with it catching crapi and bluegill. My buddies Don and Trevis and I met some others up there and spent 3 days enjoying beautiful Utah outdoors.   We stayed with my friend David and his family in their home in Woodland and enjoyed their wonderful hospitality, hot showers, good sleeping, but most of all, time visiting with friends and home cooked meals. On the drive home, we were site seeing in the beautiful mountains, enjoying all the fall colors, when we came upon a … [CLICK TO READ MORE]