In 2003, a couple of friends of mine invited me to go out and ride their dirt bikes.   A year earlier I had sold my jet ski, and was itching for something fun to do.  It only took 1 ride and I was hooked.   I soon bought my first bike, a 1998 CR500.   I learned a lot on that bike and road it until late 2004.   In December of 2004, I sold the 500 and bought a new 2005 CRF450R which I still ride today.

My CRF450R

After riding for a year or more, I rode a friend’s 2004 CRF450 and was hooked.   The lower center of gravity seemed to make the bike feel so much lighter and easier to ride compared to my 500.  So, not long after I sold the 500 and bought a new 2005 CRF450.