Aquaponics Garden Growing Wild

Just a quick post showing the growth in the aquaponics garden since the fish were added.  Things took off quickly once the water cycled and the fish began to grow. The fingerlings are now a little over 2″ in size, roughly double what they were when I first received them. Have a look at the plants — the tomatoes, squash, and cucumber plants are running everywhere.  In the back you can see my lettuce has gotten so big, it is going to seed.  In the middle of the growth is a cilantro plant which also has gone to seed.   I’m interested to see if anything will sprout on its own. Heirloom Tomatoes   Cherry Tomatoes   Cucumbers   Swiss Chard   Lettuce Going to Seed   Vines Going Everywhere   So far, I’ve only eaten lettuce and strawberries from the garden.  Soon, I expect we will have lots of tomatoes, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]