Eaglepoint Ski Vacation

Our family decided to take a vacation to Eaglepoint, a ski resort in Beaver Utah, for family time, skiing and lots of relaxing. Our timing couldn’t have been better. The roads were clear all the way up; and as soon as we pulled in, the snow began to fall and didn’t stop until late afternoon Saturday. This provided lots of fresh powder on Saturday.

We rented a cozy little condo which was perfect for our family of six. The atmosphere provided by the pellet stove which heated the condo was great.  There’s nothing quite so relaxing as sitting in front of a warm fire. Nights weren’t all sitting around. We heated things up with games of Spot-it and Scategories…. Nothing is as fun as getting the family together playing games and watching the competition heat up. Some of the memorable moments – Cameron using the wrong list in Scategories and killing it! “Scategories is my game!” ….apparently not. Rosa’s impressive “Fur Coat” answer had the girls in awe.

As I was skiing, I thought back on how much skiing I did when I was young and how little I have done over the past 30 years….only having gone 5 times including this trip. I found I still could ski but for short bursts only. My legs were burning, my breathing heavy……nothing worse than getting old and fat. I couldn’t help thinking of David through out the days while skiing. He loved it so and was so strong. I bet he never felt like I did this past weekend, sucking wind and thinking the runs are longer than they used to be.

Here are some pics and a video of me skiing.   I had to stop a few times to catch my breath before I could make it all the way down the run…..


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