Where’s the water going?

Last week we took a little trip to LA.  When we left, it was raining quite hard, but I thought nothing of it.  When we got back I noticed the block supporting one of the legs under the garden bed had cracked.  Each day, the block was more and more depressed in the earth.   Over the week, I also noticed water loss and the ground on the side where the depression was located was wet.   I thought, where’s the water going? I must have a hole in the pond liner and that the ground was made soft by it, thus allowing the bed to sink.

By the time the weekend came around, there was nothing to do but empty the garden bed and drain the pond.   So, that’s what I did.  I searched all over for the leak, but found none.  The ground under the liner was also only the slightest bit damp.   This left me thinking that the water was spilling over the side when full and under the full weight forcing the one corner down.

Since it is apart, I took the opportunity to clean things up.  I put in footer blocks to support the pond and garden.  I also modified some of my electrical to make servicing in the future easier.  The last thing I’m going to do is screen my rock and try and clean it up.

I currently have my plants in a kiddie pool I picked up down the street.  I loaded a bunch of the rock and water from the garden into it this weekend.   The rest of the rock as you can see is piled up where ever there was space.


2.5 Tons of rock moved with a 5 gallon bucket



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